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Oak Knoll Golf Course, founded in 1926, was the first course in the Northern Willamette Valley.
The following document was written on October, 16 1968 and gives us a detailed history of the early Oak Knoll GC.
Title: History of Oak Knoll Golf Course and Oak Knoll Women's Club

The Oak Knoll Golf Course, the valley's oldest course, started out as the Allen Grant which was later purchased by Mr. Phau.  The early history was given by Mr. Mark Capps, son of Effie Phau, who later married Marcus Capps.  The large white farm house across the road from the Oak Knoll Golf Course was the Capps home.  The small house to the left across the road was at one time an active service station.  It was later remodeled into a small residence.
The Oak Knoll Golf Course was started in 1924 from land purchased by Mr. Elbert Jones.  Six holes were under construction from 1924 to the opening day in June 1926 at which time #3, #4 and #5 were seeded but still unplayable.  In 1928 the ownership of the course was acquired by J. Clair and Genevieve M. Tracy.  On February 15, 1938 a one-half interest of the golf course was purchased by Bill Hazel Ashby from J. Clair and Genevieve Tracy.  Mr. Tracy died in 1956.  Bill and Hazel Ashby operated the Oak Knoll Golf Course until 1959 doing a lot of improving which included enlarging all the greens.  Bill Ashby died in August, 1959 and Hazel operated the business for about 2 years, then sold to the present owners, Jenny and John Kolb.
The site where the beautiful new club house now stands was originally the site of an old granary.  Later the Tracy's built the little club house, plus living quarters.  In April of 1949 the little club house was enlarged by Bill and Hazel Ashby.  In 1956 the machine shed and locker rooms were erected.
It will be interesting to know that the maintenance of the Golf Course was much different in 1924 than it is today.  A team of horses and 3 mowers were used from 1924 until 1930 and after that time a coupe (car) and 5 mowers were used.  Today the course is in wonderful shape with well kept fairways and soft greens.  Today Oak Knoll has three distances for play. 3,103 yards for men, about 100 yards less for women and 3130 for the championship play.  The course doesnt score easy.  The greens are small and firm enough to confound the more accurate chippers and pitchers.
Of course we are all interested in the Womens Club at Oak Knoll.  Prior to 1938 it was known as the Ladies Dallas Group.  In 1938 it was re-organized to include the Ladies Dallas Group and all others interested in golf and has continued as an open club ever since.
No record has been kept (to our knowledge of the names of Oak Knoll Womens Club Presidents prior to 1952; but it is beleived that Marge Furlgham was the first President of the Oak Knoll Womens Club; also Hazel L. Miller served for 2 years.


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